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Update Your Bathroom Without Remodeling: 10 DIY Ideas

Change the entire color scheme of your bathroom to update it. There is a reason the main focus in DIY weekend TV shows is painting. Paint can transform and update a room, opt for a warm color in your updated bathroom.


Pick a new trim color for you bathroom update as well. Select a bold color for the bathroom window or to frame the bathtub and shower.

Shower Curtain

Replace your shower curtain and liner with new ones. Pick a clear liner and a colored shower curtain or vice versa.

Rugs and Floor Mats

Replace all of the rugs in your bathroom with rugs in a new color. For added interest, opt for a straw or bamboo mat where you previously had a rug.

Wall Art

Update the wall art currently in your bathroom with something new. For a dramatic effect, hang black and white drawings or photos in picture frames painted the exact color of the bathroom walls.

Mirror, Mirror

One easy and inexpensive way to update a bathroom is to replace the existing mirror with a new one. Adding more mirrors will also add new visual interest to the space.


Add more textured accessories to the bathroom. A natural stone bath mat, faux greenery or woven towels all add texture to the updated bathroom.

Update Faucets

If you like your sink and your vanity, replace the faucet with a new one. Even the sink drain can be replaced with a more modern piece of hardware.

Replace Shower Head

Update your bathroom with a new shower head. Opt for a water-saving green shower head, or choose a luxury shower head for your new bathroom.

Swap a Cabinet Vanity for a Pedestal Sink

Changing out an old pedestal sink for a new cabinet vanity with storage can be done in a weekend or less. Some vanities comes standard with pre-cut holes for the pipes. Measure the height of the current sink before buying a new one.

Also measure the length of the area across the back wall where it will go, as well as how far it will stick out from the wall. Measure the distance from the wall to the next nearest object, such as a toilet. You want to ensure the cabinet door will have enough room to open and close.

Light Up Your Life

Upgrade and update existing bathroom lights with something new. Add extra lighting where you need it, around a mirror, or in a bathroom storage cabinet.

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